About us

“0 Effort”
-That is, not giving up trying
not HAVING the need to try.
The impulsive feeling uncaged by no discipline, nor enforcement
As innocently disobedient
as the mischief of a young Child!
 We are SICK of everyday life problems and will use this streetwear brand as a medium to express these feelings through art and connect with all of you by sharing the same feelings-problems about the “Reality” that we “All” live into.
Once, we knew no rules
Nothing was written in stone for us
So we just laughed
Slipped away/Escaped
And just as much we do Now…
Without any effort
Without knowing fear
Here we stand
Breaking out of every line
Existing in every colour.
Art cannot be cut by borderlines
In “0 Effort” we collaborate with artists from every corner of the Earth and they have the right to express themselves with their colors, music, words etc.
By the uniqueness that exists in each one of us
Refusing to be silenced by everyday life
We decided to create this streetwear brand so we can create and share freely our Way of life/Ideas/Thoughts/Ideals/Notions with the world and hopefully someday we will succeed with your help, to become a community that emphasizes on artistic expression and not being just an investment.
Our creations express every Colour and Gender,
Every Human who Loves and Feels Free
Because we gaze at reality with the naked eyes of a Child
We welcome you to “0 Effort”

Let’s do this Trip together…